Unexpected Visitors During a Greek Lunch

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Sheep Intruders in Greece

As we house sit around the world, I like to take some time to dive into the culinary practices of the place we are in and learn a few new recipes. On this particular day Greek mezes, or small appetizers, were on the lunch menu. It was a cold, rainy day so we welcomed the idea of staying inside with the wood stove going.

Anna and I were in the middle of dunking, dipping, and smearing our way through our meal when we heard something that sounded like cow bells.

Sure, we were washing our lunch down with a glass or two of homemade wine that our gracious hosts provided us, but we didn’t have that much wine. So I got up and went to our porch to take a look outside. But I didn’t see any sign of animals or people, just olive groves and vineyards. As soon as I came inside, we heard it again.

This time they sounded really close! We both went to the front door and as soon as we opened it, we saw a whole herd of sheep walking down the driveway passed our door.

Herding Sheep in Greece

We threw on our boots, rain gear and stole another bite of fresh feta cheese before heading out the door to chase the sheep off the property.

Anna circled behind the herd and I opened the main gate. And like old pros, we corralled the sheep off the property. It must have been all the practice we had wrangling herds of alpacas in Australia.

Anna Chasing Sheep in Greece
Success! Bye Bye Sheep.