Meet Nic. He builds websites.

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Hello. This is Nic (yep, with no ‘k’) and he would like to build you a beautiful website.

He has built some nice websites like this onethis one and finally this one.

He can build websites for:

  • Small business owners
  • Consultants
  • Photographers
  • Health professionals like yoga instructors, massage therapists and physical trainers

He loves to make websites:

  • Easy to use
  • Eye-catching yet simple

He will:

  • Frequently check-in with you to get feedback on the design and organization of the site
  • Design the site based on your preferences
  • Provide advice when asked

Prices for a basic page like this one start at $300.

Keep in mind that there are three primary costs when building and maintaining a website:

1. Cost to create it – This is where Nic comes in.

2. Cost to own it – You pay a third-party for your website name and host. A host is like a home for your website. If this sounds unfamiliar, don’t worry, friends. Nic can help sort things out for you.

3. Cost to maintain it – Like a house, websites require maintenance and updates. Nic can teach you how to do this or, if you prefer, he can do this.

Please email him at nicsworkshop [at] to get the fun started.