Setting Off On The Tour du Mont Blanc Without a Darn Clue
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Sitting on the edge of a rock, exhausted, the weight of my pack slowly shifts from my hips and shoulders to the rock. Carefully, … Read More

View Mont Blanc from the Sky

Typically my favorite part of a flight is when it is over and we are safely parked at the gate. Today was a different … Read More

Fall in Chamonix, France
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Fall colors frame the Alps in Chamonix, France. October is a quiet month here and we love it. Quiet mornings, sidewalks with life but … Read More

Travel Detours – Hospitals Around The World
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An international trip with the Huteys isn’t complete without a visit, or two, or three to the hospital.┬áIn 2011, it was a scooter accident … Read More

Morning Espressos on the Tour du Mont Blanc
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Drinking espressos at the counter before we strap on our heavy packs and get back on the trail. I would like to replace the … Read More

Moments from the Tour du Mont Blanc – Drop the packs and Dance
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Packs off, dance off. Mont Blanc welcomes our tired legs. This marks day 5 of a 11 day hike. It feels like day 25 … Read More

Putting kilometers behind us on the Tour du Mont Blanc
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See that mountain peak in the distance? Yes, the one wayyyy over there. It marks the highest point of our 11 day trek. We … Read More

Preparing in Paradise for the Tour du Mont Blanc
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In a little over week, we meet up with good friends and start the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 10 day 106-mile hike through … Read More