New Architecture, Same Scooters – Rhodes, Greece

As we move closer to Turkey, we notice the changes in architecture. The scooters and vibrant bougainvillea remain the same. View in Instagram โ‡’

And Sometimes Traveling Looks Like This…

And sometimes traveling looks like this. As the wind picked up and the temperatures dropped, we decided to move to a place with walls … Read More

Do I have something on my shorts?

Do I have something on my shorts? Nic didn’t say anything ๐Ÿ™‚ I learned quickly that the texture of the rock at this beach … Read More

Setting Off On The Tour du Mont Blanc Without a Darn Clue
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Sitting on the edge of a rock, exhausted, the weight of my pack slowly shifts from my hips and shoulders to the rock. Carefully, … Read More

Put Your Wind Breaker On – Milos, Greece

The wind howls through the port city, Adamas. Our Greek host calls today’s weather a disaster. I’m just glad I’m on land and not … Read More

Art On The Streets – Plaka, Milos, Greece

An alternate take on the Big Bang theory. View in Instagram โ‡’

An Island Full of Color – Apollonia, Sifnos, Greece

This doesn’t even look real but it is. Who wants to come to Greece for Thanksgiving?!?! View in Instagram โ‡’

Bougainvillea Takes Over – Platis Gialos, Sifnos, Greece

We are falling in love with Greek architecture and the colors of the island. We saw a house for sale yesterday. Hmmmmm…

A Whole Town to Ourselves…and the Cats – Kastro, Sifnos, Greece

We wandered in the warm mid-afternoon sun and ended up here. Behind us, a village spirals around the top of a small mountain. The … Read More

New Friends, Ferries, and the Greek Island of Sifnos

“Oh, man, I almost missed this ferry! Yah man, I made it!” chuckled a stranger standing in front of us on the ferry going … Read More

Sunset in Athens, Greece

We climbed Lycabettus Hill to catch the sunset…and a few needles from a cactus growing next to the bench we shared. While Nic plucked the little pesky things out of my finger and leg, I attempted to capture the moment. The Athens landscape reminds us a lot of Los Angeles; mountains and water mark the perimeter, the air is warm and dry and the density makes you appreciate wide, open spaces.

Grafitti – The Ancient City of Athens

Graffiti marks almost every surface in Athens. The type of neighborhood is irrelevant. We wandered through the streets for hours noticing the ubiquity of … Read More

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