Yay for Green Spaces!

A rainbow of light shines down on one of Savannah, Georgia’s main highlights, Forsyth Park. This one large park (hosting a farmers’ market and … Read More

Meet Nic. He builds websites.

  Hello. This is Nic (yep, with no ‘k’) and he would like to build you a beautiful website. He has built some nice … Read More

And The Machete for Killing Snakes Is Over Here – House Sitting in Thailand

Nic and I were standing in a yard in the front of a house in rural Thailand when Dietmar, the homeowner, causally mentioned the … Read More

Cha-Ching! $1,617 in Credit Card and Bank Fees SAVED/EARNED. Ching!

We were pulling a Seth Green in the 1991 Rally’s commericial when we finally tallied up how much we saved from our CapitalOne Quicksilver … Read More

Our Around the World Travel Budget

We really appreciated budget-related information on other blogs during our planning process so we want to pay it forward by sharing our experience. We … Read More

How Can You Afford To Travel For A Year?

  Since we get this question a lot, we thought we would share a quick post about it. We wondered the same thing when … Read More

Cruisin’ with the Da Lat Easy Riders
| |

We spent the day on the back of two motorbikes and saw the ins and outs of the Central Highlands surrounding Da Lat. With … Read More

Let’s Follow the Birds

Here we are in Florida. We are making like the birds and heading south of the winter. I bet they are saying to each … Read More

Sun and Surf

The sun breaks through for the surfers on this Floridian morning. Nic is out there somewhere. View in Instagram ⇒

Back in the USA

Just cleared customs in Chicago with ten liters of olive oil, 5 jars of Kalamata olives and a few packages of dried figs. Hello … Read More

Taking Care of Business

This is what we call TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS on the olive orchard. We hauled these olive branches to another part of the property … Read More

The Unofficial Official

Surrounded by passengers and parked semi-trucks on the bottom level of the ferry, we waited for the large gate at the back of the … Read More

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